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Credit Ratings

Here you can get an idea of where you might stand with your credit rating.

A+ to A- Considered the best credit rating. FICO scores are generally 620 and up with no lates on Realtor and one 30 days late on revolving or installing credit. No bankruptcy within past 2-10 years.

B+ to B- General good credit with FICO scores from 581 - 619. Two or three 30 days late on Realtor and two to four 30 days late on revolving or installment credit. Cannot have any 60 day lates. Must be 2-4 years since bankruptcy discharge.

C+ to C- Fair credit with FICO scores from 551-580. Three to four 30 days late on Realtor are allowed. Installment or revolving credit can have four to six 30 days late or two to four 60 days late. Must have 1-2 years since bankruptcy discharge.

D+ to D- Overall poor credit history with FICO scores from 550 and lower. Two to six 30 days late on Realtor or one to two 60 days late, with isolated 90 days late. Revolving and installment lates show poor payment record with pattern of late payments. Possible current bankruptcy or foreclosure allowed with all unpaid judgments to be paid with loan proceeds. Must have stable employment.

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